All aboard!

Online 1:1 meeting systems are unparalleled as a ROI for business people attending conferences and tradeshows. But, getting them onto the system can be a headache for event managers! At Meeting Mojo, we provide options to fit different event formats. If you are running a focused conference/event, our Import feature enables you to upload attendee details […]

How long does it take to set up a Meeting Mojo system?

In a world of ‘instant’, Meeting Mojo was designed to make a complicated service easy to deliver. You can set up our system online in minutes, ready to provide a 1:1 meeting booking service for your delegates. In our experience – now 10 years and counting – you’ll want a bit more than the basics. […]

Finding your meeting solution

Meeting Mojo provides meetings for event delegates. How would you describe what we do: 1:1s, 1-2-1, one-on-ones, B2B, F2F, partnering, hosted buyer programs? We get a lot of enquiries about our software, but we have struggled to come up with a simple description that would improve our SEO! This was borne out recently when our umpteenth event management customer told us […]

Playing with Matches

Meeting Mojo exists because people want to get together at events to decide whether they can do business with each other. Business interactions are so personal, they become a relationship – whether it lasts 5 minutes, 5 years or 5 decades. Maybe it’s not surprising that we’re occasionally asked if our software can automatically set up 1:1 meetings between attendees […]

It’s your call

No one would argue that the telephone is up there with the wheel and the internet as a game-changer. These inventions bring humans together, faster, better – as does 1:1 meeting software. But, with many inventions there often comes confusion of purpose. The phone is an incredible means of communication, and the internet is an astonishing conveyor of […]