Into the Cloud

Our continuous improvement program includes identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. We’ve been monitoring usage of Meeting Mojo in a number of ways – numbers of users online, percentages of active and storage memory, frequencies of server requests, etc. Over the last couple of years, these figures have risen at faster and faster […]

Meeting Mojo Tracking

All Meeting Mojo systems integrate with Google Analytics, allowing you to track activity on your 1:1 system via your own GA Account. It’s a great way to find out things like peak times, so you can target reminders when you have maximum audience attention. You can also see how, and for how long your attendees […]

Pre-Launch Nerves

One evening recently I attended a stand-up comic show at a small theater. At the start, the comedian asked if anyone, like he, was wearing any commercially-available heart rate monitor. He went on to compare his 98-per-minute pulse with the much lower rates of audience members. Being on show can really get your pulse racing, […]

All aboard!

Online 1:1 meeting systems are unparalleled as a ROI for business people attending conferences and tradeshows. But, getting them onto the system can be a headache for event managers! At Meeting Mojo, we provide options to fit different event formats. If you are running a focused conference/event, our Import feature enables you to upload attendee details […]

How long does it take to set up a Meeting Mojo system?

In a world of ‘instant’, Meeting Mojo was designed to make a complicated service easy to deliver. You can set up our system online in minutes, ready to provide a 1:1 meeting booking service for your delegates. In our experience – now 10 years and counting – you’ll want a bit more than the basics. […]