Top tips when planning a digital partnering event

Following our recent ‘top tips’ for running a digital partnering event we wanted to share some of the features that are giving event organisers the confidence to run a digital or hybrid event using Meeting Mojo. Timezone, pre-meeting checks and personalised profiles are ensuring that attendees are getting the best value out of their meetings […]

Top tips for running a digital partnering event.

Over the past couple of months, thousands of digital one-to-one video meetings have taken place using the Meeting Mojo partnering software. And with more events converting from in-person to digital/hybrid we want to share some of our top tips on running a digital partnering event. Ready, set? Let’s go! It’s all about the pre-launch Digital […]

Hybrid events – we’re ready, are you?

A lot of our discussions with customers recently have been around ‘hybrid’ events – a live in-person event with a virtual online component, allowing people to attend digitally and most importantly participate. With the Meeting Mojo™ online platform being completely international states and countries emerging from lock-down can continue with their events programme using our […]

Instant messaging – new feature!

Our digital features continue to expand. We’re excited to announce that the Meeting Mojo™ platform now features instant messaging! For event managers considering or already using Meeting Mojo™ instant messaging brings the ability to: send/receive a message before, during and after an event (including email alerts) message meeting attendees, as the event manager, during a […]

Simple is, as simple does.

With companies and events grappling to keep things going during the COVID-19 pandemic many have been reaching for the nearest solutions to ‘go digital’. Working from home and video calls are the ‘new normal’ for many of us globally now. You may be the odd one out if you’re yet to experience a work video […]