New feature! ‘Reassign’ – transfer 1:1 meetings to a colleague attendee

Have you noticed that attendees from some companies travel in packs at your networking events? They do this principally to offer as much expert knowledge as possible to the potential business partners they are going to meet – to cover all the stops. They would like nothing more than to assign their 1:1 meeting requests […]

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New Feature! Calendar sync in Outlook

Event attendees need as many ways as possible to keep up to speed with what’s happening and when. We’ve added a link to their online meeting schedules that will help. It’s called ‘Add to Calendar’ and when they click it, a new calendar is created in their Outlook application that automatically copies over all their […]

One-to-one meeting accounts automatically created!

The ROI attraction of 1:1 meetings is a given. But sometimes even the 2 minute daily import of attendee data into your meeting platform can be a pain. Meeting Mojo has hooked up with Zapier, the world’s leading platform integration application, to enable instant access to 1:1 meetings on registration*. If you’re using any of […]

Access Granted

How can you make sure your attendees get access to their 1:1 meetings account? Let me count the ways… 1. Transfer your registration report data to our downloadable spreadsheet template. Save, and upload via our import wizard. This bulk import creates critical mass and ‘launch tension’ that encourages early 1:1 meeting scheduling. 2. Add attendees […]