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What’s in a name?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reviews always tell you to improve your internet search engine ranking by including keywords that describe your product. If you’re selling clothing, for example, this is fairly straightforward as words like shoes, shirts and dresses are commonplace in speech and the written word. But even in the events industry, ‘one-to-one meetings‘ […]

All aboard!

Online 1:1 meeting systems are unparalleled as a ROI for business people attending conferences and tradeshows. But, getting them onto the system can be a headache for event managers! At Meeting Mojo, we provide options to fit different event formats. If you are running a focused conference/event, our Import feature enables you to upload attendee details […]

It’s your call

No one would argue that the telephone is up there with the wheel and the internet as a game-changer. These inventions bring humans together, faster, better – as does 1:1 meeting software. But, with many inventions there often comes confusion of purpose. The phone is an incredible means of communication, and the internet is an astonishing conveyor of […]

We need to talk about login

Ask 5 people what ‘login’ means to them, and you will get at least 5 answers. A login provides access to a world of features and information that only you can access. It can mean access to information that is yours, and yours alone.  It’s also a security feature – a super-strong padlock keeping your secrets safe. It is […]

The best kept secret

The modern professional workday is dominated by input from computers and electronic devices conveying huge amounts of information that vie for our attention. Every event organizer knows that this is a marketplace where they need to be shouting loud and often. If you are providing 1:1 meetings as an ROI feature of your event, you […]