Login problems solved!

There are few online issues as vexing as a login fail. If you’ve forgotten your password, will you be able to get a new one and still have time for your original objective? If you have a password and still can’t log in, what on earth is going on?
Meeting Mojo likes to keep things simple, so we provide a password reset request feature that sends a new password via email to the user’s inbox. The password is encrypted for security and the message is in plaintext to assure a quick send and 99.6% delivery success.
Despite this, every event still had one or two attendees with recurrent login problems – the really frustrating kind where no one really knows if it is human error or a problem with the system. Our connections with other digital providers revealed that this is pretty much a universal problem. We set to work to find out if we could fix it, digging deep into audit logs and studying user behaviour across thousands of logins. Fast forward 2 years to August, 2017, when we uploaded yet another fix that we thought would work. A few hundred events later, we’re still waiting to hear about a mystery login problem – they really do not seem to be happening.
Given that 80% of support requests were associated with login issues, this has made a big difference for us and our customers.