To App or not to App?

The Conference or Event App, almost unheard of a few years ago, is now becoming a regular feature. Having all the essential information on your mobile device at all times is a given for all your attendees. So why doesn’t Meeting Mojo do 1:1 meeting Apps?

It’s not a decision we took lightly. After all, what could be better for attendees than to have Meeting Mojo on their phone – literally at their fingertips? In fact, we spent months turning over the pros and cons. Despite the apparent attraction, there were not many compelling reasons to go down the App route – and a few facts led us to the inevitable conclusion:

1. Meeting Mojo is already mobile-optimized – users can do everything on their phone that they can on a computer. And they can store it as a phone icon – just like an App, but with no need to download anything.
2. We already have an API that can be integrated with conference Apps to enable offline viewing of profiles and meeting schedules. We’re already planning to extend this to include all Meeting Mojo functions.
3. Creating an App can be massively expensive. We couldn’t find anyone who wants to spend $5-10,000 on a 1:1 meetings App – especially when they are already paying for a conference app.

We’ve said it many times, Meeting Mojo is about providing a quality service while saving you money. We love Apps as much as our customers do, but we always try to guide them to the best 1:1 meetings solution.