Top tips for successful digital partnering events

Attendee engagement is a priority for any event, but it’s even more important when planning digital/hybrid events. Usually at a face-to-face or digital event you’ll see as much as 20% drop out on pre-arranged one-to-one meetings. To address this, we’ve put together some top tips and real life examples of how to make a digital event a success.

Recently an international media exchange event using our one-to-one meeting platform saw 96% of the pre-arranged one-to-one video meetings going ahead. Using our tips below and with some attendees utilising our back up plan options this statistic was probably even higher.

So how can event planners maximise success for their digital partnering events?

– Plan 5-minute breaks between meetings
– Get attendees to test hardware beforehand
– Offer assistance with testing video chat

Plan in breaks
The event organisers added a 5-minute break between video meetings. This was enough time to prevent conversations ending abruptly and enough time for attendees to prepare for their next video meeting. And if you’re planning to host a webinar, live sessions etc. during your event remember to add in breaks for your online attendees.

Test, test, test!
The event organisers rigorously advised attendees to test their webcam/microphones beforehand and get familiar with our Video Chat function. This meant on the day attendees were focussed on the content of their meetings and not with technical issues.

Manager assistance
The organisers tested the video chat with their attendees ahead of the event and were available during the day to help anyone having difficulties. Our help/troubleshooting guide for attendees and event organisers was also there in case there are any last-minute queries.

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