Top tips when using our new digital suite

Our exciting new digital developments are enabling event organisers to pivot or plan completely new events. Our new digital suite includes:

Live broadcasting sessions
Moderated sessions – like webinars and Q&A sessions
One-to-One video chat – with screen share and instant messaging
On-demand content – pre-recorded video and session recordings

Supporting these types of events, we have some top tips when running digital sessions within a partnering event. And, just like face-to-face events it’s simple things like preparation, communication and having back up plans!

So here’s some of our top tips…

Speaker preparation
It’s important that a speaker is confident with the platform they are delivering on. Before the event run a test so that the speaker can test their microphone, webcam and practice screensharing a presentation. Ask your speaker to join the session at least 10 minutes in advance, so that last minute checks can take place and they’re ready to start on time.

Lots of us are conducting meetings or attending events by video and using lots of different platforms. Pre-event communication along with on the day reminders and welcoming participants to a live event are as important for digital events as they are for face-to-face. Advise your participants what to expect and more importantly if they are having issues, how to contact you and how you will contact them whether by phone, email or using our instant chat.

Backup plan
When delivering content live online things can go wrong. We recently shared what back up plans our platform offers. Sometimes speakers can have connectivity or hardware issues so it’s good to have a PDF slide deck in advance from them that can be hyperlinked to the session for download, or emailed directly so attendees can still access the slides and presentation. Alternatively consider pre-recording content in advance so attendees can watch on-demand and engage in a live Q&A on our messaging panel to keep the conversation going post event.

Pre-record content for on-demand viewing
Meeting Mojo’s Live Sessions can be recorded for automatic download straight after a session. Consider recording live sessions so as to make them available to attendees post event. Or pre-record for on-demand availability on the platform instead. Not only does this mean audiences can access content from multiple time zones but it adds value to your event having content available to download or re-watch. This could be especially valuable when delivering online training which is content heavy.

What’s the worst that could happen?
Don’t forget to remind your participants to have phones on silent and mute if there is background noise when they’re not speaking. And if the unexpected happens and a furry friend or child joins in the conversation, introduce them, let them do a quick wave, before getting back to business. Our new ways of working during the covid-19 pandemic has given us a unique opportunity to get to know business contacts and colleagues at a deeper level and strengthen relationships. Embrace it!

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and tips to share so contact us today to see how we can help with your event.