1:1 meetings are going digital

1:1 meetings are going digital. The global Covid-19 pandemic has dramatic repercussions for the events industry, preventing many individuals from attending events in person, and postponing a lot of events entirely.

Although we’d be the first to say that there’s no substitute for meeting in person, some contact is better than none at all. That’s why we’ve stepped up to the plate and added a video chat option to enable absent ‘attendees’ to join their 1:1 meetings at the scheduled time.

It’s a simple, one-click feature that harnesses the camera and audio feeds of the attendee’s device to provide crystal clear video and sound. There’s no need for your attendees to do anything more than schedule their meetings as normal.

We’ll be adding more digital features as time goes on. If you are turning your event digital, or semi-digital, drop us a line to find out more.

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