How easy is it to set up a Meeting Mojo website?

Our boast is that you can set up a Meeting Mojo online 1:1 scheduler in a few minutes. It’s true – input a set of dates, meeting times and meeting locations into our unique setup wizard, and you are ready to import delegate data and launch.

In reality, event organizers want a little more from their meeting software. Meeting Mojo provides a range of meeting configurations and other settings to match your event format, customization to make your meeting scheduler look like an extension of your conference website, a sign-up area for workshops, roundtables and other activities, an option to integrate your agenda to create an event itinerary for each delegate, and even a registration form so you can convert your Meeting Mojo system a full conference website. You can even apply your conference web address.

None of this sounds easy! That’s why we’ve created an administration console that divides all of these options into logical areas, each with on-screen instructions and explanations that are backed up by detailed, step-by-step HowTo Guides. If you get stuck, our technical support is legendary – we’ll get you back on track and advise you on how to get even more out of your meeting system.

Of course, not everyone wants to get involved in setting up an interactive website, however straightforward it might be.  If interactive website setups – however straightforward – are not for you, ask us about our service packages. We offer everything from simple setup to full management of 1:1 meetings for your event, at very competitive prices.  We’re not only committed to making things easy, we can look after your budget too.