Hybrid events – we’re ready, are you?

A lot of our discussions with customers recently have been around ‘hybrid’ events – a live in-person event with a virtual online component, allowing people to attend digitally and most importantly participate.

With the Meeting Mojo™ online platform being completely international states and countries emerging from lock-down can continue with their events programme using our platform. But the fact that not everyone can travel to an event remains.

By having video chat and now instant messaging (IM) attendees at events can communicate and participate. And it’s the participation element that is key to the success of a fully digital or hybrid event.

We all know what it’s like to sit through a webinar or video event remotely that you can’t participate in. Suddenly anything but the webinar can be more alluring! That’s why we want to give your attendees the freedom to network in the ways that work for them. Whether that’s through video chat or IM there’s something for everyone.

Over the next month we’re bringing even more features to Meeting Mojo™ to enable your hybrid or fully online events to continue whilst ensuring your attendees can participate in things such as smaller breakout sessions.

Hybrid events are happening and they could be that perfect answer for your upcoming event. If you’re interested in seeing a demo and having a free trial get in touch!