New Feature: Instant Access Tokens

Login fatigue is a prominent hazard when you have had to work online for a year or more. This has become a major issue for event managers who often have to deploy several platforms to deliver enough features for a virtual event. Attendees complain that they often need several sets of login credentials to access one event. This has a profound effect on engagement – but everyone still needs the security provided by login-only access. Few platforms provide integrations that truly enable attendees to move seamlessly from one to another.

That’s why we’ve introduced instant access tokens to replace the tedious process of submitting login details.

How does an instant access token work?
Instant access tokens enable attendees to get into your Meeting Mojo platform with a single, secure click. Access to all login-protected features is gained immediately, and as each token is unique to each attendee, their online security is as good, if not better, than traditional id + password protection.

Once an attendee has clicked into the platform, future visits will usually provide seamless access without the need to hunt for login details. If for any reason they become logged out we’ve made requesting a new access token quick and easy.

The positive effect this has on attendee engagement can be quite dramatic. When one of our regular customers used instant access tokens for the first time, they saw not only a greater uptake – sometimes 300-400% – but also earlier engagement.

Keeping up to date with new features
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