One-to-One Meeting Scheduler

Easy to set up and use, Meeting Mojo software enables your event attendees to pre-arrange business partnering meetings online. For digital & hybrid events attendees can meet using Video Chat with screen share and instant messaging.

Our software platform is versatile enough to slot into conference, exhibition or brokerage event formats, at a price that won’t impact your budget or resources. And our expert team have all the experience to advise, support and work with you if needed!


  • One-to-One Meeting Scheduler – with Video Chat, screen share & instant messaging
  • Live Broadcasting – speaker/panel plus unlimited audience
  • Moderated Sessions – for webinars & breakout groups
  • Live Broadcasting – with optional session recordings and playback
  • Private Sessions – for invitation-only roundtables and workshops
  • On-Demand Video/Media Hubs – login only or public
  • Video Embedding – for Profiles and website page

What is one-to-one meeting software?

Meeting Mojo one-to-one meeting software enables your delegates to book meetings with each other online, ahead of your event. It provides this service through an online meeting scheduler website, created specially for your event. You can set this up yourself, or we can do it for you.

How does it book meetings?

Your delegates each get a login account on the website, where they can post an online profile. Next, they search or browse company/delegate listings, and request one-to-one meetings with other delegates. You control the whole system via an administration dashboard accessible only to your key event managers. You can also book meetings on behalf of delegates.

Versatile settings

Meeting Mojo’s regular settings give your delegates complete freedom to build up a calendar of 1:1 meetings at times of their choosing. By changing and adding meeting configurations, you can control the way your delegates interact with each other :

  • Turbo-charged meeting scheduling – enable Auto Select mode to allow unlimited meeting requests: meetings are scheduled only when they are confirmed by the requestee.
  • One-way meeting booking – set up different groups of delegates (such as Buyer/Seller or Investor/Company) so they can only send meeting requests to participants outside their group. Or, limit the groups to ‘send only’/ ‘receive only’.
  • Meeting limits – limit the number of meetings each delegate can request – apply globally or to individual participants.
  • Event schedules & sessions – list sessions, workshops and other activities on the scheduler so delegates can sign up and integrate them into their meeting schedule. Set limits on numbers for each session and show/hide other attendees.
  • Private messaging – delegates can exchange messages online before, during and after your event.