Making data import easier

Managing attendee data is a big and sometimes challenging part of an event. Because Meeting Mojo deals with large volumes of data every day, we’ve invested a lot of effort in setting up effective and safe processes for importing attendee details onto our systems.  We’ve now embarked on a development program to make data import fit more closely with our customers’ own processes. We’ve just released a major update with important new features:

1. All of our systems now accept data from regular .xls or .xlsx files. These are the most commonly used spreadsheet filetypes and can be used to create import files simply by pasting in data and saving without further modification.

2. New import options enable event managers to upload data in the way that best fits their needs. For example, if your import files always contain all your attendees, you can direct Meeting Mojo to only import new entries, i.e., those that are not already on the system. You can also by-pass Meeting Mojo’s ‘Approval’ step to give attendees instant access to 1:1 scheduling. New on-screen instructions are there to make sure it all goes without a hitch.

3. We’ve taken the first step to integration of Meeting Mojo with third party online applications. If you’re using RegOnline as your delegate registration platform, you can set up a data feed into your Meeting Mojo scheduler by adding a few simple authentication details. The data feed adds newly-registered delegates to your scheduler at a click, giving them instant access to 1:1 meetings.

We think these updates will add a lot of convenience to the most important task our customers carry out when using Meeting Mojo.  Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing even more convenience to this aspect of 1:1 meeting scheduling for events – check back for updates!