Right on Schedule

Even in today’s connected world it’s not always possible to get online. Often these times coincide with traveling to an event, or even at the venue itself – just when delegates most need to view their schedules!  We’ve been looking at ways of making meeting schedules available offline and came up with 2 new features:

PDF download: Meeting Mojo users can download their latest meeting schedule onto their computer or mobile device as a .pdf file.  Easy to view or print, this feature means that all delegates have a fall-back record of their meetings if they can’t access the internet.

Native Calendar integration: Synchronizing an ever-changing meeting calendar with Outlook, iCal and other business calendar applications across different timezones is not for the faint-hearted! We’ve come up with a new weblink that enables each delegate to subscribe their Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar. We’ll provide detailed instructions on how to subscribe, as well as ensure that meeting times adjust to new timezones.