What You Get

Admin Console

Setup wizard – instant meeting platforms!
30+ configuration options
Attendee interface customization
HTTPS security on all sites
Auto-import registered attendees
Manage attendee profiles and meetings
Agenda builder, with multi-track options
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Meeting schedules (pdf, html)
Meeting lists with timestamp
Attendee login history & pending meeting requests
Attendee availability
Meeting slot/location availability
Attendee profiles (brochure)
Meeting slot/location availability
Attendee profiles (brochure)
Video Chat Analytics
Meeting Status Board (Live reporting)

Technical Support

Online Knowledgebase
Ticket Support, from humans – no chatbots!
Legendary Full Service options

Venue bonuses

Countdown timer for meeting rooms
Instant login tokens for attendees
Print/send individual schedules
Download all meeting details
Create/reschedule walk-on meetings
No-show auto alerts

Get started

What your attendees get

The basics

Onboarding information and media
Personal and company profile display
LinkedIn profile
Search & Filter
1:1 meeting scheduling
Pre-set meeting times and locations
Availability control
Email alerts
Online/downloadable meeting list with Outlook sync
Access on PC and mobile

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Additional feature options

Private messaging
Meeting request maximisation – or limits
Instant scheduling
Reschedule meetings/transfer to a colleague
Designated meeting area/s
Meeting notes
Additional event information
Time-zone assistant
Video chat (with screen-share & instant messaging)
Live broadcasting (with instant chat, optional recording/playback, moderation)
Break out rooms (with invite-only options)
Media hubs (including On-demand Videos, Academic Posters)

Sponsors, Partners & Exhibitors

Listing and grouping
Online promotion
Tailored profiling
Prioritized meeting booking
Fixed meeting location per company or attendee
Enhanced profiles (embedded video, file uploads, graphics)

Agenda options

Multitrack agenda
Session details & location
Personal itinerary build (sign-up)

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