One-to-One Meeting Scheduler

Easy to set up and use, Meeting Mojo software enables your event attendees to pre-arrange business partnering meetings online. For digital & hybrid events attendees can meet using Video Chat with screen share and instant messaging. Our software platform is versatile enough to slot into conference, exhibition or brokerage event formats, at a price that […]

Media Hubs

Viewing media on-demand is a part of our everyday lives now. For events you may have already used a pre-recorded video on your event landing page or social media. In the past year Meeting Mojo has created many bespoke media hubs hosting videos on our login only site as part of expos, film festivals, conferences […]

New feature: Widgets

Each Meeting Mojo website comes with a complete set of webpage and email templates already in place to get your event off to a smooth start. You can make the website your own by adding your conference banner, and your own text, graphics and links. You can go even further by applying your conference styling […]

Customer Service. It’s our top priority.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. It comes naturally, we love to share our experience and insights. Sometimes we become another member of a customer’s events team. Because we understand events, not just how event software works we know that the support you receive from your event software provider can make or break your […]

Hybrid event support

A hybrid event is one that has a venue with in-person attendees, plus any number of attendees who can not be there, but join the proceedings via the internet. The fundamental challenge is to bring virtual components to the core event, enabling your audience to participate, no matter where they are located. The key issue […]