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Safe and Secure

Internet security is pretty high on the list of news items nowadays. As an internet company operating globally, we make it a priority. Our servers operate at the highest standards of security, both at the online (software) and physical (buildings and hardware) leve, and we have not experienced a security breach in our 10 years […]

Any color you like…as long as it’s black

Here at Meeting Mojo, we understand the importance our customers attach to website branding, and we’ve been trying different ways of matching the appearance of our online meeting schedulers to your conference styles. In an ideal world, the system would simply merge into any conference website… an ideal world of unlimited time, money and software […]

Set the Agenda

Meeting Mojo is all about fitting 1:1 meetings into events – a value-added service that fits into a variety of event formats to the benefit of organizers and attendees alike. Our case studies show that this flexibility has paid off. ‘Fitting in’ is good, but ‘being part of’ is better. We are rising to the […]

Take Note!

Meeting Mojo is in the business of helping event attendees to create business, through 1:1 meetings. Our online system positively encourages users to communicate with each other, via rich profile displays, message threading around meetings, and the optional private messaging service. Each participant can get fully up to speed at any time before their meetings […]

Making data import easier

Managing attendee data is a big and sometimes challenging part of an event. Because Meeting Mojo deals with large volumes of data every day, we’ve invested a lot of effort in setting up effective and safe processes for importing attendee details onto our systems.  We’ve now embarked on a development program to make data import […]