Versatile settings

Meeting Mojo’s regular settings give your delegates complete freedom to build up a calendar of 1:1 meetings at times of their choosing. By changing and adding meeting configurations, you can control the way your delegates interact with each other :

  • Turbo-charged meeting scheduling – enable Auto Select mode to allow unlimited meeting requests: meetings are scheduled only when they are confirmed by the requestee.
  • One-way meeting booking – set up different groups of delegates (such as Buyer/Seller or Investor/Company) so they can only send meeting requests to participants outside their group. Or, limit the groups to ‘send only’/ ‘receive only’.
  • Meeting limits – limit the number of meetings each delegate can request – apply globally or to individual participants.
  • Event schedules & sessions – list sessions, workshops and other activities on the scheduler so delegates can sign up and integrate them into their meeting schedule. Set limits on numbers for each session and show/hide other attendees.
  • Private messaging – delegates can exchange messages online before, during and after your event.

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