Digital events – who uses it?

Meeting Mojo’s new digital offers include:

•    On-Demand Video Hubs
•    Video embedding for Profiles
•    One-to-One Video Chat – with screenshare & instant chat
•    Live Broadcasting – with session recordings
•    Moderated Sessions – incl. webinars & breakout groups
•    Private Sessions – hidden unless invited

Take a look at how some of our clients have recently delivered their events digitally. If you’re planning a digital or hybrid event contact us to see how we can help make your event a success.

Case Study 1: The International Film Festival

The Kids Kino International film festival recently took place using Meeting Mojo. The event was an international pitching forum for film and series aimed at the children’s market and involved pre-scheduled one-to-one video meetings, workshops and breakout groups along with private video consultations for attendees and a video pitch hub.

Organizers of online events are constantly looking for ways to engage and add value for their attendees, by offering different online experiences. And the Kids Kino event took our digital suite to the next level. As well as virtual 1:1 meetings, attendees were able to view film and TV series previews before the event via the video hub feature, and tune in to live presentations on the festival days. The organizers were able to use a combination of communication sources within a single platform: Vimeo for on-demand content, Zoom for live presentations and Meeting Mojo Video Chat for 1:1 meetings. With log-in only access, content could only be viewed by attendees with paid tickets, preserving revenues and maintaining a sphere of confidentiality for participants.

The event was a complete success and their feedback speaks for itself:

“I would like to say BIG THANK you for your great online platform. During the event everything went smoothly and we received only positive feedback from our participants. They wrote to us that it was the best platform which they have used since the pandemic started, easy to navigate and intuitive.”
Katarzyna Janiak, Industry Project Manager, Kids Kino. Industry

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Case Study 2: Virtual Networking Breaks & Private Discussion Groups

Event Company X wanted to enhance their online partnering event and create a more informal way for participants to network during programme breaks. We were able to create Virtual Networking Breaks using our Sessions feature, limited to under 10 people per session, ensuring conversations were intimate and manageable. Access to the Virtual Breaks was opened at specific times during each event day, creating a ‘buzz’ of activity with users able to see who was already in each session before selecting which one they wanted to jump into. At the end of each networking break they could then navigate to the next activity – live sessions or structured one-to-one meetings – within the same platform, even though some of the sessions were hosted on a separate application.

Event Company Y also wanted to provide multi-participant discussion groups, but as completely private, closed discussion groups. They did this through our Private Sessions feature, which ensures only designated participants can view and join their own discussion groups via a link on their personal online meeting schedule. The sessions could also be recorded for distribution to attendees who were unable to attend the live discussion.
With nothing to download, and simple onboarding via any up-to-date internet browser, the Virtual Sessions feature has been a hit with customers and attendees, who appreciate the ability to access event content and activities via the same platform.

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Case Study 3: KC Digital Animal Health Summit

The KC Animal Health Corridor – home to the world’s largest cluster of animal healthcare providers – pivoted their Animal Health Summit event entirely online, having originally planned a regular in-person extravaganza. The now-digital Summit required:

– Full agenda – Fine-grained descriptions of each agenda item with navigation links to every Summit opportunity.
– 1:1 business partnering –
using our online meeting scheduler and video chat
– Live Programming –
live Broadcasting of presentations, including Keynote Presentations
– Emerging Company Expo –
On-demand corporate videos linked to detailed online company profiles
– On-demand webinars –
a series of pre-recorded webinars accessible throughout and post event
– Full branding –
images, links, font styles and web templating

The Meeting Mojo platform enabled KC Animal Health Corridor to create an entire conference hub with their own mixture of live sessions, on-demand content, company expo and interactive one-to-one business partnering meetings.

An important aspect of this and other Meeting Mojo Digital Suite events was content accessibility after the actual event. We were able to present recordings of live-streamed presentations on the site, with continued access for attendees several weeks after the Summit.

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Case Study 4: ConnectaB2B

ConnectaB2B have been using Meeting Mojo since the early summer of 2020 taking the opportunity to pivot face-to-face events that would otherwise have been cancelled due to covid-19 and transforming them to digital events. They have utilised our one-to-one Video Chat and white labelling to ensure events are accessible for all, and on brand for their clients. Many of the events attract international attendees who are able to utilise our multi-language options and Timezone Assistant. All of these features paired with the ability to build rich business profiles: a combination of custom, business-relevant categories with specific filters that creates a powerful search tool, taking attendees to their best business prospects, online, instantly.

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Case Study 5: The Development Consultancy

A specialist business and economic development consultancy needed a solution to manage multiple global events on weekly – monthly basis. Rather than requiring their event attendees to access the meeting booking system they needed a simple, yet powerful tool to schedule meetings on behalf of their attendees, and manage company and attendee profiles.

As the global coronavirus pandemic escalated and staff and attendees were faced with lockdowns and travel restrictions the company were able to utilise other features from Meeting Mojo such as personalized schedule downloads for attendees, the ability to link meetings to their preferred video hosting platform, and a new Virtual Roundtable module. Having worked closely with the company over many years we were able to understand their unique needs and develop solutions and features that not only streamlined their processes but benefited other Meeting Mojo clients.

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