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Meeting Mojo’s clients encompass a huge range of event organizers, from professional, global conference delivery firms right the way through to small non-profit associations and university departments. Many customers know exactly what they want, and some come to us with no experience of arranging an event. Meeting Mojo is used in a great diversity of settings: no two events are alike, and we have served business delegates in tens of different commercial sectors.

Read on through our case studies below and see if any of them feature your 1:1 meeting scheduling requirements. If they don’t, it’s probably because Meeting Mojo has too many features to mention here: contact us with your details and we’ll let you know how our software will help make your event an even greater success. Plus check out our recent testimonials here!

Case Study 1: The Investor Conference
Case Study 2: The Media Week
Case Study 3: The Global Conference Company
Case Study 4: The University Tech Transfer Office
Case Study 5: Meet the Buyers
Case Study 6: The Non-Profit Association

Case Study 1: The Investor Conference

A business information firm approached us as they were inaugurating a series of conferences at which they wanted to maximise investor:company interaction. At first they didn’t fully grasp Meeting Mojo’s potential, and hired a rival firm. A few weeks before their first event, they called us again. The firm they hired couldn’t deliver on their requirements, so they needed a 1:1 system in a hurry! We set up a meeting scheduler for them within one day, incorporating a multi-layered search and connect filter to get the right delegates together on the day.

The same company came back to us after their event with a wish-list of new functions that would enable greater pre-conference interaction and even more meetings. We built in the new functions, making them optional so as to give all our customers extended choice.

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Case Study 2: The Media Week

A consortium of media professionals wanted to provide 1:1 meeting facilities as part of a week-long program of conferences, seminars and networking. They wanted most delegates to be able to book meetings freely with one another, to take place at tables provided at one location. They also wanted to manage meeting bookings on behalf of a set of VIPs, who would meet other delegates in a separate location at their own booths. We set up a meeting system that allowed complete freedom for regular delegates, and complete control over the VIPs, whilst allowing the first group to meet with the second. The consortium was based on the other side of the world, so we also worked the time difference to optimize delivery: as they slept, we worked, catching up on Skype at the end of our day/beginning of theirs!

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Case Study 3: The Global Conference Company

A conference-and-business-intelligence company decided that their many events would gain a competitive edge by incorporating pre-scheduling of 1:1 meetings for its constituents. They forged a long-term relationship with Meeting Mojo, creating a 1:1 meetings brand across their offices worldwide, acting on feedback to improve the user experience through software development, and helping to create displays and links that could monetize their meetings websites.

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Case Study 4: The University Tech Transfer Office

Meeting Mojo’s conference website + 1:1 meeting scheduler option is a good fit for technology/skills showcasing events that bring together innovators and industry/investors. Users who are new to online meeting scheduling find our system intuitive, and academic institutions find our prices highly attractive. One of our University clients wanted to provide their delegates with the opportunity to register for a conference, book 1:1 meetings, and sign up online for workshops that would take place throughout the same day. We deployed Meeting Mojo’s Sessions option that enables users to register for a workshop and include it in their online calendar, simultaneously providing a real-time reminder of the workshop they are attending, and preventing any 1:1 meeting clashes.

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Case Study 5: Meet the Buyers

An IT company was running a procurement event and wanted to only allow buyers to make meeting requests. They also wanted each buyer to have meetings at the same location, and to limit their meeting requests to 5 to ensure they had time to attend presentations and visit exhibit booths. We used the versatile configuration functions of Meeting Mojo to provide exactly what they wanted. Being completely new to 1:1 meetings, they also appreciated our fast and friendly response to the numerous questions they had, as well as our reminders about what they could do at each stage of the project to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

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Case Study 6: The Non-Profit Association

A business network organisation was asked to manage a one-day conference consisting only of 1:1 meetings, and needed solid metrics to report back to their funding streams. Figuring that delegates were only attending in order to have meetings, they chose Meeting Mojo’s instant scheduling function. This eliminates the request-and-confirm steps for each meeting, allowing delegates to fill their schedules just by clicking their partner choices, whilst retaining the ability to decline any meetings that are not relevant.

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A selection of types of event organizers we work with:

business support organizations
global events
specialist conferences
local government
news agencies
science parks
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Some of the industry sectors we operate in:

business intelligence
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enterprise management
event consultant
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life science
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