Our Digital suite for digital online & hybrid events

Our digital developments continue and our latest features include:

  • New! On-Demand Video Hubs
  • New! Video embedding for Profiles
  • One-to-One Video Chat – with screenshare & instant chat
  • Live Broadcasting – with optional session recordings
  • Moderated Sessions – with Q&A for webinars & breakout sessions
  • Private Sessions – hidden unless invited

Many of our customers have already used our new digital features. Find out more about their experience here.

Start a Free Trial, request a Demo or contact us to discuss your event and our digital event capabilities further by emailing: support@meeting-mojo.com

Easy to set up

Set up your own 1:1 meeting website in minutes.

Versatile settings

Meeting configurations for all event formats

Rich business profiles

Targeted partner searching

White labeling

Customization for a seamless experience

Integrated agenda

Combine meeting lists with your conference agenda

Calendar Sync

1-click Outlook calendar synchronization


A system that runs itself

Digital Meetings

Video chat for digital events

Mobile optimized

All features available on mobile
Multi-Language options


Meeting scheduling in your delegates' own language


We won't share your data with anyone

Service packages

Making your event a place where business happens

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Powerful Event Networking

Business delegates measure the success of their event networking by the number of high-value contacts they meet face-to-face. The Meeting Mojo platform delivers incredible value for your event, empowering users to find, message and arrange 1-to-1 meetings with the right targets for their business aims. It’s also amazingly versatile: you can give your delegates full control of their own communications and 1-to-1 meetings via a secure login account, or create meeting timetables for them, based on their preferences.
When you choose the Mojo, our global experience over more than a decade means you are in safe hands.

It’s all so Easy!

When you create a 1-to-1 meeting platform on Meeting Mojo, step-by-step setup and import wizards take care of all the hard work for you, creating online profiles for each of your delegates to update and adapt.

event networking

What you get

Rich Profiles for Real Results

Fact: a delegate with a good online profile gets 3 times more meetings!
Use our form builder to tailor searchable profile fields to fit the business aims and activities of your delegates. You can even create unique forms for different groups. And if you already have profile information about your delegates, you can import it along with their personal details.

event networking

Agenda Integration for a Full Itinerary

Publish your agenda alongside meeting times and enable your delegates to add items to create their own itinerary. Download options ensure they can keep on top of their timetables even when they are not internet connected.

event networking

Try Before you Buy

Trial Meeting Mojo for free using our 4-step setup wizard. Book meetings online with up to 14 colleagues, then upgrade to unlimited users via our online payment facility. Or, contact us to ask about our legendary service option: join our many customers who have benefited from our experience.

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What delegates and organisers say…

"Delegates from both the UK and overseas reported what an easy to use and professional system we provided for our event."
The Training Gateway Amanda Selvaratnam, Director http://bit.ly/Uzx1md
"In all my years of participating in these things, that's by far the slickest and most useful 1:1 meetings system of its kind I've seen."
Steve Kilmer President, Kilmer Lucas Inc. http://bit.ly/W06jor
“We discussed our requirements with the team and were pleased to find how simple the 1:1 meeting software was to use. ”
Anglonordic Conference Event organiser http://bit.ly/Y36wUd
"very user friendly and easy to access via a smart phone which made on the day last minute changes easy to manage!"
NOCRI Bus Intel Manager http://bit.ly/1eiaOjo
... we organised just under a thousand 1:1 meetings on Tuesday and it all went like clockwork
Spa Life Organiser http://spa-life.eu
…one of the best 1:1 partnering systems I have come across.
Nigel Parkinson Account Manager, Sales, Aptuit