Meeting Mojo features

Easy to set up

Set up your own 1:1 meeting website in minutes.


A system that runs itself

Versatile settings

Meeting configurations for all event formats

Rich business profiles

Targeted partner searching

White labeling

Customization for a seamless experience

Mobile optimized

All features available on mobile

What delegates and organisers say…

"Delegates from both the UK and overseas reported what an easy to use and professional system we provided for our event."
The Training Gateway Amanda Selvaratnam, Director
"In all my years of participating in these things, that's by far the slickest and most useful 1:1 meetings system of its kind I've seen."
Steve Kilmer President, Kilmer Lucas Inc.
“We discussed our requirements with the team and were pleased to find how simple the 1:1 meeting software was to use. ”
Anglonordic Conference Event organiser
"very user friendly and easy to access via a smart phone which made on the day last minute changes easy to manage!"
NOCRI Bus Intel Manager
... we organised just under a thousand 1:1 meetings on Tuesday and it all went like clockwork
Spa Life Organiser
…one of the best 1:1 partnering systems I have come across.
Nigel Parkinson Account Manager, Sales, Aptuit