Hidden Agendas

A customer recently asked why our platform didn’t provide a service she needed. The surprise answer was, “Yes, we do”, which made us realise how little we do to promote some of our shiniest features. So we’ve decided to dust off a few of these and bring them out of their dimly lit corners to show them to you. Let’s start with the Sessions module. This feature began life in 2011 when a customer who was running a weekend retreat for employees’  families asked us for a scheduler that would allow them to sign up for activities to create an itinerary. This was quite a departure for us but once we’d built it, we realised this module could be used to display event agendas beside attendees’ meeting timetables, AND allow them to add workshops, roundtables, etc., into their meeting lists to prevent clashes and create a personal itinerary.

Sessions has a number of optional whistles and bells to help it integrate into any agenda, such as mini-descriptions (including speaker details and images), limits on attendance for small rooms, location, a display of who’s attending with links to book meetings with them, and Tracks for multi-track agendas.

If you’re interested in Sessions, get in touch and we’ll give you a tour!