It’s your call

No one would argue that the telephone is up there with the wheel and the internet as a game-changer. These inventions bring humans together, faster, better – as does 1:1 meeting software. But, with many inventions there often comes confusion of purpose. The phone is an incredible means of communication, and the internet is an astonishing conveyor of information. You can also share a lot of information via phone, and communicate via the internet. Which to choose?

This rather philosophical question has a real-life impact for internet companies. We built Meeting Mojo as an easy-to-use system with amazing customer support. Is the phone a great way to get support? 9 years of phone calls have sent us 1 important message: you can’t make or fix anything with a phone!  Describing an internet page and how to use it, over the phone, rapidly turns into a nightmare of confusion. Which button??!! What page?! I can’t see that!!

We realized that our customers need to able to access our many guides and FAQ answers within seconds. That’s why we created the Meeting Mojo Support Desk.  We chose Freshdesk as our partner as we didn’t want to make the kind of ‘knowledgebase’ many internet companies use to upsell their additional products. Instead, our online support is based on the many questions we’ve received from our clients, and step-by-step guides on every feature of our system.  When you type in a question, it will give you a selection of answers that have solved real-world problems, plus a set of relevant guides with detailed texts and screencaps to help you get your setup completed, or problem solved.