Media Hubs

Viewing media on-demand is a part of our everyday lives now. For events you may have already used a pre-recorded video on your event landing page or social media. In the past year Meeting Mojo has created many bespoke media hubs hosting videos on our login only site as part of expos, film festivals, conferences and more. Fully interactive, with nothing to download Media Hubs are an effective way to share content, raise the profiles of your Exhibitors and Sponsors and make content available pre, during and post event.

On-demand Video Hubs

On-Demand Video is a highly effective medium for delivering content across time zones and for convenience during your attendees’ often-busy workdays. But with most videos being freely available on the internet, event managers are keen to ensure only paying attendees get to view their clips. Our login-only Video Hub can hold on-demand content either recorded from our live broadcast sessions on Meeting Mojo, pre-recorded keynote presentations and discussions, and videos submitted by companies attending. We take care of your Video Hub setup and can host your videos to ensure reliable download and playback.

Scientific Poster Session hub

Poster hubs are a structured, interactive medium for hosting scientific posters during a wider event or as a standalone session. Posters can be displayed in a small format which when clicked on open to a high-resolution pdf. Descriptions can be added below each poster and interactive buttons to join a session, message, view the scientists profile. Scientists can connect and network globally with the poster hub delivering content across time zones. We take care of your Poster Hub setup and can support with management too.

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