New Feature! Countdown Timer display for your 1 to 1 meetings room

1 to 1 meetings provide great ROI for your attendees – but they also compete for their engagement! In a busy conference situation, your attendees may miss an important activity if their meeting overruns.

Meeting Mojo has created a Countdown Timer display for your 1 to 1 meetings room. If you have display screens in your meeting area, you can download the timer to provide a visual update on the remaining minutes of each meeting. If you have audio, it will transmit an audible alert when 90% of the meeting time has elapsed, encouraging meeting partners to wrap up.

If you want to know how the Countdown Timer looks, we have a demo here. If you’re not happy with the appearance, we can customize it for you.

The Countdown Timer is a preview example of our upcoming Progressive Web App. It works in any browser but after initial download, you don’t need an ongoing internet connection to keep it working. More on this exciting new development soon…

Interested? Let us know.