Simple is, as simple does.

With companies and events grappling to keep things going during the COVID-19 pandemic many have been reaching for the nearest solutions to ‘go digital’.

Working from home and video calls are the ‘new normal’ for many of us globally now. You may be the odd one out if you’re yet to experience a work video call (possibly with some bizarre and unnecessary ‘plug-in’ backdrops!) And there’s been an array of worrying stories zooming around; these relate to big issues like security, privacy, and undesirable features like tracking on video chats – and selling this data on!

At Meeting Mojo™ we’re sticking to what we know and do best: keeping things simple, yet with a robust privacy policy! That means that when using our platform, you can relax knowing those worrying stories aren’t an issue with Meeting Mojo™. Going digital for us has enhanced our already trusted one-to-one meeting software. Our new one click video chat option (with screen share) has already been used over 2,000 times enabling businesses and events to continue. In some cases meeting numbers have exceeded expectations, and that’s something we’re proud of.

If you like to keep things simple request a digital demo today.