Powerful event software for digital, hybrid & in-person events

Over the next few series of blog posts, we’re going to highlight some of the powerful features that makes Meeting Mojo a favourite with so many event planners. Not only does our software come at a price that won’t break the budget, we’re constantly adding new features to enhance your events.

A host of features make our virtual event software with one-to-one meetings scheduler flexible enough to suit almost any venue or online event format. Meeting Mojo websites can be customized – from simple event branding through to a full conference website with registration, one-to meetings scheduling and agenda listing with workshop/activity sign-up and on-demand video hubs.

Along with our digital suite, one of the best features that brings customers back time and time ago is our Integrated Agenda which forms the focal point for many events. And, when utilised with our Time Zone Assistant, powerful search engine and video chat events really do come to life.

Integrated Agenda
Meeting Mojo automatically adds each user’s meetings into their schedule as they are created. The schedule can also be made into a personal itinerary by adding in your event agenda alongside the meeting list. Optionally, attendees can sign up to activities, adding them to their online calendar. Many of our customers use the Agenda feature to link out to other video applications like Zoom to deliver their event sessions alongside our one-to-one meetings with embedded video.

Rich Business Profiles & Powerful Search Engine
Meeting Mojo displays company and personal profiles in a drop-down format that makes them easy to browse. Users can edit their profile in minutes, adding their corporate logo and personal portrait to make them easier to recognize at your event. Text search, alpha index and latest entries are standard filters on every Meeting Mojo scheduler. You can add custom, business-relevant categories to these, creating a targeted search engine that will take your delegates to their best business prospects, instantly.

More recently we’ve seen an evolution of business profiles now including embedded videos, slide decks, files and more!

Time Zone Assistant
Events are no longer constrained to a location and can span across several timezones using software like ours. Many of our customers have extended a typical 9 – 5 event up to 24 hours, some for several days or even a month, which means people can “attend” an event wherever they are in the world.

When you create an event on Meeting Mojo you can define the event timezone. A handy tool then automatically displays the event time alongside each attendee’s local time zone. Attendees use this to manage their schedule to ensure they do not schedule meetings at unsociable hours, do attend their meetings on time, and benefit from the unique opportunity to meet people they would never otherwise be able to connect with.

Digital Suite
Meeting Mojo is a powerful virtual event hub supporting live and on-demand content as well as person-to-person interactions.

The Meeting Mojo digital suite features:
1:1 Meeting Scheduling with Video Chat – includes screen share & instant messaging
Live Broadcasting – with session recordings for on-demand playback
On-Demand Video Hubs
Video Embedding – for Profiles and website pages
Moderated Sessions – for webinars & breakout groups
Private Sessions – hidden unless invited sessions

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