The numbers game

Our previous blog entry explained how a research group put a number on face-to-face meeting ROI. Now, another study has looked at what is involved in getting those meetings in the first place. Life Science Nation is a specialist group that runs the RESI series of investor conferences. While many event organizers seek to balance the number of 1:1 meeting participants against attendance in presentations and other activities, LSN set out to maximize contact between growth companies and investors at their one-day events. They use Meeting Mojo’s Auto-Select mode to enable unlimited meeting requests, and clocked up a staggering 1,400 meetings at their last conference. Then they ran the numbers. In order to get a full meeting schedule of 14-16 meetings, an individual would need to send up to 60 requests! This is an enormous task – but Meeting Mojo makes it easier by providing rich and rapid profile filtering for accurate targeting of potential meeting partners,  a 2-click request process, and versatile options for handling meeting requests. It also enables message-threading on each meeting, so when a user does get a bite every 4-5 meeting requests, they can start a private online conversation with their prospective meeting partner that will bring home a confirmed meeting.

Turbo-charged 1:1 meeting days are not for everyone but when the stakes are high, having the right meeting tool is essential.