We’re GDPR Compliant

The European Union has just activated the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or GDPR, the biggest advance in online data protection in 20 years. Our customers now need to acknowledge specific rights and protections for citizens of the European Union who attend their events. Meeting Mojo has reviewed and updated its data policies to help you deliver these.

There’s a lot to the new regulation, but it boils down to 3 changes in how we treat personal information about you and your attendees that is stored on our servers:
1. We will be clearer about what we do with personal information, and why.
2. On request, we will download all the information we hold on an individual and send it to them;
3. On request, we will update or delete any or all information we hold about you or your attendees.

To show our compliance with GDPR, we have released a new Privacy Policy, which you can download here, or from various places on our websites, including the Free Trial signup form, and every customer’s online account area.