What You Get

Admin Console

Setup wizard – instant meeting platforms!
30+ configuration options
Attendee interface customization
HTTPS security on all sites
Auto-import registered attendees
Manage attendee profiles and meetings
Agenda builder, with multi-track options
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Meeting schedules (pdf, html)
Meeting lists with timestamp
Attendee login history & pending meeting requests
Attendee availability
Meeting slot/location availability
Attendee profiles (brochure)

Technical Support

Online Knowledgebase
Ticket Support, from humans – no chatbots!
Legendary Full Service options

Venue bonuses

Countdown timer for meeting rooms
Instant login tokens for attendees
Print/send individual schedules
Download all meeting details
Create/reschedule walk-on meetings
No-show auto alerts

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What your attendees get

The basics

Onboarding information and media
Personal and company profile display
LinkedIn profile
Search & Filter
1:1 meeting scheduling
Pre-set meeting times and locations
Availability control
Email alerts
Online/downloadable meeting list with Outlook sync
Access on PC and mobile

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Additional feature options

Private messaging
Meeting request maximisation – or limits
Instant scheduling
Reschedule meetings/transfer to a colleague
Designated meeting area/s
Meeting notes
Additional event information

Sponsors, Partners & Exhibitors

Listing and grouping
Online promotion
Tailored profiling
Prioritized meeting booking
Fixed meeting location per company or attendee

Agenda options

Multitrack agenda
Session details & location
Personal itinerary build (sign-up)

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