Access Granted

How can you make sure your attendees get access to their 1:1 meetings account? Let me count the ways…

1. Transfer your registration report data to our downloadable spreadsheet template. Save, and upload via our import wizard. This bulk import creates critical mass and ‘launch tension’ that encourages early 1:1 meeting scheduling.

2. Add attendees manually via our ‘Add’ wizard. Great for those important signups who want immediate access!

3. Ask your constituents to create their own 1:1 meetings accounts. Activate our simple, secure, customizable online registration form.

4. Set up a feed from your registration application to Meeting Mojo via Zapier. If you are using an app that is Zapier integrated, you can get every newly registered attendee onto Meeting Mojo within minutes – without having to do anything.

Just one more way Meeting Mojo keeps our customers happy.