The globally-proven 1:1 meeting software

A 1:1 meetings service can be the making of your event. The must-attend attraction. The prize that gets your sponsors onboard. The metrics generator for your funding body. Or just a nice-to-have networking feature. Either way, you’ll be looking for a meetings system that is easy to use, provides the best opportunities for your attendees and doesn’t break your budget.

Meeting Mojo is the globally-proven 1:1 meeting software that can turn your event around. As the world’s most versatile meeting application, it provides the widest range of options for you to maximize your attendees’ business opportunities. And we’re continually adding new features and tweaks to increase these opportunities and make them easy to access.

Whether you’re using Meeting Mojo right now or just planning to, if you can’t see the feature you need, drop us a line at and tell us what your looking for. The chances are, it’s already there.