Synchronized meeting magic

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect your registration app to the world’s most versatile online 1:1 meeting platform so your attendees can start booking meetings within minutes of signing up for your event?

It’s been a long road but we’ve just released a new synchronization feature in collaboration with Zapier. It’s a beta version at the moment but it will work with a few major event registration apps and CRM tools, such as Eventbrite and Salesforce. Check out the Zapier integration list to see if your event management or CRM platform is compatible. You can also integrate it if you use Google Sheets to store/manage your attendee data.

The ZapĀ (that’s the name for the sync connection) checks out your attendee data every 15 minutes and automatically creates a Meeting Mojo account for any new registrant, send them login details via email.

While it’s in beta we will work with you at no extra cost to connect up your Zap – contact us if you want to find out more.