Hybrid event support

A hybrid event is one that has a venue with in-person attendees, plus any number of attendees who can not be there, but join the proceedings via the internet. The fundamental challenge is to bring virtual components to the core event, enabling your audience to participate, no matter where they are located.

The key issue that comes up time and again for digitally-delivered events is ‘engagement’ – how to enable it, and how to encourage it. This affects hybrid events equally, perhaps even more: how do you ensure your virtual attendees get an experience that is on a par with those who are at the venue?

At Meeting Mojo, we view the ‘hybrid pivot’ as a change on a similar scale to the digital pivot, and we are already working with our customers to put in place online features and mechanisms that will help them rise to the challenge as the world of events changes yet again. Our favourite maxim, “every event is different”, is true of the hybrid events now emerging! Some avoid the confusion by dividing into ‘live’ and ‘digital’ days, providing video meetings and on-demand content to their digital audience. Others are pulling out event components such as 1:1 meetings and making them entirely digital; or staging the event in a broadcasting studio, with all non-presenting attendees engaging via video and online chat. Many are attempting fully integrated events, with digital options for each component, feeding video in and out of the venue.

Because every event is different, the Meeting Mojo platform is built around flexibility. As the first hybrid events trickle out, we are able to support them by:

  • Providing a bolt-on digital suite to channel content, discussion and valuable 1:1 meetings from/to the venue
  • Channelling each attendee to the medium appropriate to their needs: for example, video rooms vs physical locations
  • For split conferences, ensuring attendees can only access the parts they are ticketed for
  • Identifying the status of each attendee – in person or digital – so everyone knows the right route to engagement
  • Providing video channels as the fall-back for any eventuality (including recording and playback for broadcasts)
  • Deploying our Timezone Assistant to ensure attendees engage at their correct local times

Supporting a broad spread of events puts us in the unique position of being able to gain from our customers’ experience, feeding back into our ongoing development program to continuously improve the platform – whether your event is digital, hybrid or fully in-person.

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