Into the Cloud

Our continuous improvement program includes identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. We’ve been monitoring usage of Meeting Mojo in a number of ways – numbers of users online, percentages of active and storage memory, frequencies of server requests, etc. Over the last couple of years, these figures have risen at faster and faster rates as our customer base has increased. A technological solution was required to prevent the system from becoming overwhelmed.
Last week we carried out a wholesale transfer of the entire system to the Cloud. By doing this, we can now take advantage of the scalable nature of a Cloud-based platform – as demand increases, so we can increase capacity. Another advantage is that our software code is upgraded, making it more robust and responsive. Users would have noticed a sudden improvement in response times. Our new Cloud provider also gives extra assurance on security, too, meeting the most rigorous privacy and compliance standards.
Or, as we always say to our clients – Meeting Mojo won’t break and your users’ data is safe with us.