Multi-language versions are available

Right from the start, Meeting Mojo has provided online partnering services for international events. In fact, around half of our 1:1 systems fall into this category, with delegates from every continent logging in to book meetings. We started to receive more and more requests for translations of the user interface, so we developed a multi-language option. This allows you, as the event manager, to select which languages to display on the user interface. Once logged in, your delegates can select their preferred language. Translations cover the entire user interface – so they are not dumped into a different language once they have left the homepage – and they will even receive system emails in their own language.

Our translations have been carried out by our customers, so they are relevant to conferences and exhibitions in their wording and context. All content is editable, so each page and email can be updated in each language. Currently there are 6 available languages: English (British and American), French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. If a customer requires a new language, we can provide a template with every word and phrase on the system, and the context in which it is displayed, for easy translation.