Let 1:1 meetings take place just about anywhere

Keen as we are to please everyone, we keep the Welcome mat out for any new ideas that will broaden Meeting Mojo’s range of capabilities. A fantastic new idea arrived at our doorstep recently – in fact, it was so good we dropped everything (apart from customer support, of course!) and got to work on making it happen.

Like all great ideas, this one was initially simple: why not let users of the software decide where they want to meet, and type this location in when booking the meeting. And, like all great ideas, we had to rip out the drawing board and start again to make it functional, integrated, accessible and above all, obvious.

Weeks later… every system we sell now comes with 5 different meeting location choices. We still have the regular meeting places: tables, booths or rooms that you plug in to let the system choose the location for each meeting; meeting areas with unlimited capacity for more informal meet-up interactions; and exhibit booths/private rooms for delegates who have purchased their own meeting space. Now, you can opt to let your delegates select their own meeting place from a pre-loaded list, or type in their own proposed meeting location. This could be their hotel lobby, or maybe a local restaurant, and they or their meeting partners can update it via the edit function, if things change in the meeting finalization process. The location is displayed with the meeting details in their online and printed schedules.

As before, you can set up any combination of meeting place options – or just one. We think that this new feature will enable event organizers to extend formal business networking into places outside the venue, increasing ROI for delegates while at the same time decreasing pressure on venue resources.

Now, let’s check that Welcome mat again…