What’s different about Meeting Mojo?

During a recent training webconference, a client asked what makes Meeting Mojo different from other meeting schedulers. The fact that 1:1 meetings are such a simple concept, makes this question difficult to answer! It’s just an online tool where delegates request meetings, right? Well, there’s a lot you can do to make life easier for those who have to set up an online meeting system, and for those who are booking the meetings. So what have we done different to address customer and user burdens?

First of all, our overriding philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible. Our UX team (that’s ‘User Experience’) work on the onscreen displays to try to make each feature obvious to any user – leading them to the next step. The Coding team (the ones that make the system work) make sure that everything works predictably, in a minimum number of steps, without creating any nasty surprises like navigation dead-ends or appointment clashes. Then we test everything rigorously. If the Testing team’s blood pressure rises even slightly, we go back to the drawing board.

The art of great management is that it goes on unnoticed. The key to it is automation, automation, automation. We’ve made a system that anyone can set up from scratch in 3 easy, obvious steps. User accounts are created automatically when delegate data is imported. The system automatically slots meetings into online schedules, controls booking permissions and manages meeting and attendance cancellations. Its Content Management ensures that if you change a critical display item – like the conference name, or your contact person’s details – the change is propagated across the whole user interface, and the system emails. You want your exhibitors’ meetings to take place at their booths? Just add in the booth names and the system will take care of it. Something wrong? A notification appears, with instructions on how to fix it.

Every event is different, so flexibility is key. Meeting Mojo can set up hundreds of different combinations of the simple meeting booking function, all controlled by straightforward on/off switches. Our clients are, right now, across the globe, running hosted buyer events, expos, investor conferences, workshop series, business speed-dating sessions and many other formats. Each Meeting Mojo system at these events has a different configuration. At some events the delegates don’t even get to see the meeting scheduler at all,  as their event manager is pre-arranging all their meetings.

So that’s the long answer about what makes us unique. But if you’re looking for a short one, it has to be price. Meeting Mojo is the most flexible, user friendly and automated system on the market – at the lowest price. That makes it very different!