New Features: Video Hubs and Profile Videos

The September re-start of the virtual event season has seen unprecedented interest in Meeting Mojo with a record number of events taking place on our platform. It’s exciting to see the diverse range of industries that are using Meeting Mojo to enable business to continue and give a platform for industries to meet, network and engage with each other.

We’re pleased to share that we have some new features in our Digital Suite!

New! On-Demand Video Hubs
New! Video embedding for Profiles
One-to-One Video Chat – with screenshare & instant chat
Live Broadcasting – with session recordings
Moderated Sessions – incl. webinars & breakout groups
Private Sessions – hidden unless invited

On-Demand Video Hubs
On-Demand Video is a highly effective medium for delivering content across timezones and for convenience during your attendees’ often-distracted lockdown workdays. But with most videos being freely available on the internet, event managers are keen to ensure only paying attendees get to view their clips. Responding to our customers needs, we’ve created a login-only Video Hub which can hold on-demand content either recorded from our live broadcast sessions on Meeting Mojo, pre-recorded keynote presentations and discussions, and videos submitted by companies attending. We take care of your Video Hub setup and can host your videos to ensure reliable download and playback.

Video Embedding for Company and Attendee Profiles
Raising your profile and giving a platform for companies and attendees to share content is more important than ever. Attendees can now embed videos into their company or attendee profile. This has been used in so many different ways, from companies sharing their pitch video, to giving special attendees such as Sponsors or Exhibitors exclusive option to share their videos, giving them the extra value so needed when delivering an event online. Couple with our versatile search engine, this great new feature, enables companies to stand out and attendees to find their best business prospects, instantly.

Break out Sessions
Whether you want to enable delegates to have small informal chats, or move attendees into focused breakout sessions within your event program, our versatile Sessions feature provides a structured way for event organisers to manage sessions and attendees to sign up to and join them. We’re seeing this be used for coffee break sessions, workshops and seminars. All sessions come with the option to open an instant chat panel, and as a manager you can jump into any session to close it off and move participants on to the next exciting discussion.

You can also create private sessions, with complete control over who gets to participate. All sessions can be recorded, with a playback link appearing within one minute of the session endpoint.

With nothing to download, you and your attendees people can navigate at ease between sessions and one-to-one meetings.

Planning an online, hybrid or face-to-face event?
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