Who else uses Meeting Mojo?

Prospective customers often ask us ‘Who else uses Meeting Mojo?’ And the answer is – well, anyone.  Our clients range from logistic networks, life science organisations, food and wine import/export networks to b2b events companies and education bodies. Participant numbers range from intimate events involving 30 participants up to international summits and conferences with over 1500 participants, spanning multiple time zones and days/weeks.

Meeting Mojo’s ease of use for clients and attendees, price, versatility, and white labelling of the platform are just three of a number of reasons why clients choose to run their events with Meeting Mojo, and continue using our product time and time again.

Our recent blog ‘The (Free) Trials and Tribulations of assessing event software’ recognises the daunting task of assessing which event software is going to be right for your event. Event organizers frequently wrestle with issues caused by having to use more than one platform to provide a complete experience. While free trials and demos are vitally important (and we offer both here), seeing how others are using Meeting Mojo to deliver their events gives you a further insight into what can be done. Each event is unique and our team of experts are on hand to talk through your ideas, requirements and offer their expertise in how Meeting Mojo could work for you.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll feature case studies on our blog highlighting the diverse industries and type of events that take place all through Meeting Mojo.