The (Free) Trials and Tribulations of assessing event software

Choosing event software for your event should be like visiting a venue. You see the real thing, experience the layout and setup and have the opportunity to talk with someone about your requirements. But more importantly you’re given time and space to evaluate things for yourself.

Assessing what software is going to be right for your online, digital, hybrid or even face-to-face event can be daunting. There are so many options out there at the moment, but often the only way you can physically see something is through a dry, static demo that turns out to be a sales pitch.

Meeting Mojo is different. We offer you options like a free Trial, access to a demo and communicating in the way you want. One of customers recently commented that ‘working with Meeting Mojo is like a working with a venue where the event takes place and is totally understood rather than an events app’.

Did someone say Free Trial?
We give you access to all system functions and content management, as well as detailed setup and user guides. You can add up to 15 event attendees with access to the meeting booking and/or registration, 1:1 video chat, plus session signup interfaces and rehearsal space. We’re here if you need us, but otherwise we’ll simply let you get on with setting up an event, exploring how it works for attendees and event managers and considering if it’s right for your event(s).

I’d like access to a demo, and maybe then we can talk?
Sure, we can do that! We can set up a free trial on your behalf using your event specifications then give you as much time as you need to explore it. We also offer a free, 30-minute demo (and we mean just 30 minutes!) where we walk you through the platform just like your attendees will use it, and show you how you’ll manage the system as an administrator. It’s led by you. We show you what you want to see, answer questions and offer solutions if needed. And that’s it. No sales pitch. You’re free to then explore the demo exactly like a free trial for as long as you want and need.

I like it! How do I proceed?
All our platforms can be purchased online by credit card (prices available online here). But if you want us to help with setup, customization and management of your Meeting Mojo platform, we can email or chat about pricing when you’re ready. Our team of expert’s love hearing about your events and working with you to make them a reality. Every event is unique, and deserve that attention from us should you need it, on your terms.

So, you’re welcome to start a free trial here, request a demo and if you’re really eager drop us a line at