New feature: Private Sessions

Our new Private Session feature is a powerful interactive tool – not just for events – that works in face-to-face, digital or hybrid settings. It allows you to have complete control as an event manager on who can see and access a session within your main event or stand alone.

Whether it’s a closed invitation only session, paid for workshops or training course, or a roundtable discussion, the session(s) are only visible to attendees who’ve been added or invited to them. Event managers have complete control and confidence that only the right people are part of the session(s).

This new feature opens up many opportunities. Sponsors, VIPs, Exhibitors, etc. could hold a private session(s) during your event adding value to both you and them. Or you could create small intimate breakout sessions for special guests or focus groups. Our team of experts are here to discuss your ideas and recommend the best way to meet your event goals.

If you’d like to see how private sessions work or some of our other features request a demo today or contact us at