New Year. New Opportunities!

Meeting Mojo is a powerful virtual event hub supporting live and on-demand content as well as person-to-person interactions. With much uncertainty and restrictions in place across the world for the events industry Meeting Mojo continues to support digital and hybrid events enabling attendees to continue to meet and do business online, in private. 2020 saw the birth of many new events that were not even in the planning for the year and we look forward to supporting new events and the opportunities they bring during 2021.

One of customers recently commented that ‘working with Meeting Mojo is like a working with a venue where the event takes place and is totally understood rather than an events app’. So if you’re currently assessing which software is going to be right for your online, digital, hybrid or even face-to-face event or you’ve used Meeting Mojo in the past and want to find out more, why not start a free Trial, or ask us to create an interactive demo for you here.

What can Meeting Mojo do?
The Meeting Mojo digital suite for online, hybrid and face-to-face events features:

1:1 Meeting Scheduling with Video Chat – includes screen share & instant messaging
On-Demand Video Hubs
Video Embedding – for Profiles and website pages
Live Broadcasting – with session recordings for on-demand playback
Moderated Sessions – for webinars & breakout groups
Private Sessions – hidden unless invited sessions

Our networking platform really maximizes opportunities for attendees to connect and engage with an event remotely. All meetings can be conducted via video in complete privacy, users can access on-demand video hubs for content and company promotion, as well as view live broadcasts, join in discussion groups and view presentations.

1:1 Meeting Scheduling with Video Chat
Meeting Mojo software enables your event attendees to pre-arrange business partnering meetings online. For digital, online and hybrid events attendees can join from anywhere via our one-click Video Chat with screen share and instant messaging. Our Timezone Assistant ensures meetings take place on time, wherever in the world your attendees may be.

It’s amazingly versatile: you can give your delegates full control of their own communications and 1-to-1 meeting schedule via a secure login account, or create meeting timetables for them, based on their preferences.

On-Demand Video Hubs
On-Demand Video is a highly effective medium for delivering content across timezones and for convenience during your attendees’ often-distracted lockdown workdays. But with most videos being freely available on the internet, event managers are keen to ensure only paying attendees get to view their clips. Responding to our customers needs, we’ve created a login-only Video Hub which can hold on-demand content either recorded from our live broadcast sessions on Meeting Mojo, pre-recorded keynote presentations and discussions, and videos submitted by companies attending. We take care of your Video Hub setup and can host your videos to ensure reliable download and playback.

Video Embedding
Raising your profile and giving a platform for companies and attendees to share content is more important than ever. Attendees can now embed videos into their company or attendee profile. This has been used in so many different ways, from companies sharing their pitch video, to giving special attendees such as Sponsors or Exhibitors exclusive option to share their videos, giving them the extra value so needed when delivering an event online. Couple with our versatile search engine, this great new feature, enables companies to stand out and attendees to find their best business prospects, instantly.

Live Broadcasting
Live Broadcast sessions such as a welcome speech or keynote address allow delegates to immerse themselves in a full event experience. Presenters can share slide decks live and after the session, and sessions can be recorded for immediate on-demand access.

Moderated sessions like webinars or small breakout sessions enable delegates to connect at a more intimate level and have the space to ask questions either on video for small sessions, or using the instant messaging Q&A feature.

Private Sessions allow you to have complete control as an event manager on who can see and access a session within your main event or stand alone. Whether it’s a closed invitation only session, paid for workshops or training course, or a roundtable discussion, the session(s) are only visible to attendees who’ve been added or invited to them.

If you want to find out more and talk about your event needs contact our expert team by emailing:

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