Meeting Mojo: a virtual event hub

We can safely say that 2020 so far hasn’t quite been the year we all expected! Despite its difficulties we’ve embraced opportunities for events to continue online and we’re proud to have supported and enabled over 300 online events already with still more to come before the year ends!

Powered by our new Digital Suite, Meeting Mojo is now re-invented as a virtual event hub supporting live and on-demand content as well as person-to-person interactions. Our customers have been able to pivot events from in-person to digital to enable their attendees to continue to meet and do business online, in private. And – breaking news – we have also seen the birth of many new events that were not even in the planning for 2020.

In this month’s blog we look back on all the new features we’ve rolled out this year so far, offer you extra support with online event planning and encourage you to sign up for a free Meeting Mojo trial or demo to get ahead for 2021!

The Meeting Mojo Digital Suite
The Meeting Mojo digital suite for online, hybrid and face-to-face events features:

  • 1:1 Meeting Scheduling with Video Chat – includes screen share & instant messaging
  • On-Demand Video Hubs
  • Video Embedding – for Profiles and website pages
  • Live Broadcasting – with session recordings for on-demand playback
  • Moderated Sessions – for webinars & breakout groups
  • Private Sessions – hidden unless invited sessions

Our networking platform really maximizes opportunities for attendees to connect and engage with an event remotely. All meetings can be conducted via video in complete privacy, users can access on-demand video hubs for content and company promotion, as well as view live broadcasts, join in discussion groups and view presentations.

Service Packages
If you’re introducing one-to-one meetings for the first time, want something a little out of the ordinary or simply haven’t the time or resources to customize and configure your Meeting Mojo online event platform, we are here to help. Our support is legendary – ask about one of our service packages.

Services include:

  • Training in the setup and operation of the system
  • Customer support and advice
  • System setup, customization and configuration
  • Data upload and system management
  • Full project management

We know that every event is different, and we will work with you to create a service package that suits your needs – and your budget. Contact us to discuss your requirements by emailing

Free Trials and Demos
Assessing which software is going to be right for your online, digital, hybrid or even face-to-face event can be daunting. There are so many options out there at the moment, but often the only way you can find out more is through a dry, static demo that turns out to be a sales pitch.

Meeting Mojo is different. We offer you a free Trial, access to a demo and direct online communication with one of our digital events experts. One of customers recently commented that ‘working with Meeting Mojo is like a working with a venue where the event takes place and is totally understood rather than an events app’.

Start a free trial or request access to a demo here.