Powerful event networking software

Meeting Mojo one-to-one meeting software enables your delegates to book meetings with each other online, ahead of your event. It provides this service through an online meeting scheduler website, created specially for your event. You can set this up yourself, or we can do it for you.

The software empowers users to find, message and arrange one-to-one meetings with the right targets for their business aims. It’s also amazingly versatile: you can give your delegates full control of their own communications and meetings via a secure login account, or create meeting timetables for them, based on their preferences.

So, how do delegates ensure they stand out from the crowd and find the right people to meet with? The answer, through rich business profiles and powerful search functionality.

Rich business profiles for real results
We know that a delegate with a good online profile gets 3 times more meetings! And with business delegates measuring the success of their event networking by the number of high-value contacts they meet it’s important to stand out and find the right people to network with.

Top tips:
• Users can edit their profile in minutes, adding their corporate logo and personal portrait to make them easier to recognize at your event
• Meeting Mojo displays company and personal profiles in a drop-down format that makes them easy to browse.

Powerful search functionality
Text search, alpha index and latest entries are standard filters on every Meeting Mojo scheduler. You can add custom, business-relevant categories to these, creating a targeted search engine that will take your delegates to their best business prospects, instantly.

Top tips:
• Use our form builder to tailor searchable profile fields to fit the business aims and activities of your delegates. You can even create unique forms for different groups.
• And if you already have profile information about your delegates, you can import it along with their personal details.

When you choose Meeting Mojo, our global experience over more than a decade means you are in safe hands. Contact us at: support@meeting-mojo.com and book a demo today.