Top tips when planning a digital partnering event

Following our recent ‘top tips’ for running a digital partnering event we wanted to share some of the features that are giving event organisers the confidence to run a digital or hybrid event using Meeting Mojo.

Timezone, pre-meeting checks and personalised profiles are ensuring that attendees are getting the best value out of their meetings and the events they are attending – wherever they are in the world.

Time is on your side
Events are no longer constrained to a location and can span across several timezones using software like ours. Many of our customers have extended a typical 9 – 5 event up to 24 hours, some for several days or even a month, which means people can “attend” an event wherever they are in the world.

When you create an event on Meeting Mojo you can define the event timezone. A handy tool then automatically displays the event time alongside each attendee’s local time zone. Attendees use this to manage their schedule to ensure they do not schedule meetings at unsociable hours, do attend their meetings on time, and benefit from the unique opportunity to meet people they would never otherwise be able to connect with.

Lights, camera, action!
With nothing to download for you or your attendees Meeting Mojo keeps the event experience simple. But it’s important that your attendees feel prepared and know what expect for their meetings.

Our platform gives attendees a chance to test their web cam and microphone before meetings begin ensuring their meetings start on time and attendees are ready for that important pitch or discussion.

And because everyone has slightly different set ups on their online devices, we have some handy tips available that attendees and event managers can use to troubleshoot queries if something doesn’t quite work as expected first time.

Rich profiles, unique connections
Digital meetings are seen as one of the most important ways to ensure business continues whilst many countries are in some form of lockdown or facing travel restrictions. And it’s important for companies to stand out in this digital space!

Meeting Mojo displays company and personal profiles in a drop-down format that makes them easy to browse. Users can edit their profile in minutes, from adding a corporate logo and personal portrait to bring themselves to life, to uploading slide decks or sharing a video link. Text search, alpha index and latest entries are standard filters on every Meeting Mojo scheduler. You can augment these filters with custom, business-relevant categories, creating a targeted search engine that will take your delegates to their best business prospects, instantly.

We offer a wealth of support to our customers when they create their event with us. Whether through our extensive knowledge hub, helpdesk, or our service packages we want to ensure your event is a success. Contact us and see how we can help.