Top tips for running a digital partnering event.

Over the past couple of months, thousands of digital one-to-one video meetings have taken place using the Meeting Mojo partnering software. And with more events converting from in-person to digital/hybrid we want to share some of our top tips on running a digital partnering event.

Ready, set? Let’s go!

It’s all about the pre-launch

Give your delegates access to the partnering platform in advance (we recommend four weeks out from your event). During this time delegates can edit personal/company profiles, check video settings, etc. view other participants and make early target selections prior to requesting meetings. (FACT: a delegate with a good online profile gets three times more meetings!) Then, set a launch date, and switch on Meeting Bookings.

Plan in breaks

Attending back-to-back meetings can be exhausting at the best of times, let alone digitally! When planning your event timings consider adding five-minute breaks in-between meeting slots. Delegates get a chance to prepare for their next meeting, check their slide deck or even make that all important next cup of coffee before getting back to business! And as event managers you’re building in breathing space to respond to any queries from delegates during the event.

Digital events need digital interaction

Delegates can send messages and chat over our instant messenger pre, during and post event. We recommend keeping access open to your event platform for two weeks after your event. It’s amazing how many delegates continue networking long after an event through the partnering platform whether they want to find contact information, look at their message and chat history or follow up with people they didn’t manage to have a meeting with.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some more of our top tips and some exciting new features enabling delegates to interact in more ways!

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