Pre-Launch Nerves

One evening recently I attended a stand-up comic show at a small theater. At the start, the comedian asked if anyone, like he, was wearing any commercially-available heart rate monitor. He went on to compare his 98-per-minute pulse with the much lower rates of audience members.

Being on show can really get your pulse racing, and it made me think about some of our first-time clients – even if you’re not on stage, inviting hundreds of people to take a chance on your new 1:1 meeting system can give you the jitters.

With Meeting Mojo, our 10 years of successfully launching hundreds of 1:1 meeting schedulers should bring your heartbeat right down. If it doesn’t, we are there to assist. Our online Support Desk gets you instant answers, or you can contact an expert who will respond immediately. With our Service packages you can call someone and get a problem fixed right away.

After all that, if your heart is still racing, maybe you really are on stage.