All aboard!

Online 1:1 meeting systems are unparalleled as a ROI for business people attending conferences and tradeshows. But, getting them onto the system can be a headache for event managers! At Meeting Mojo, we provide options to fit different event formats.

If you are running a focused conference/event, our Import feature enables you to upload attendee details to the system in minutes. If you’re using RegOnline, it’s a one-click process that takes a few seconds.

Hosted meetings services – where you match the important players and provide them with a meeting itinerary – are easily accommodated incognito.

For larger Expos with thousands of attendees, let them choose to join the meeting system via our simple, safe, secure registration portal

Running an event-within-an-event? Create a Meeting Mojo portal where your organisation can invite clients or customers to book meetings with your experts. Add new attendees one by one via our Add Attendee wizard, or use the secure registration feature so they can self-sign.