Safe and Secure

Internet security is pretty high on the list of news items nowadays. As an internet company operating globally, we make it a priority. Our servers operate at the highest standards of security, both at the online (software) and physical (buildings and hardware) leve, and we have not experienced a security breach in our 10 years of operation. Even so, a sensible company looks to the future, so we have incorporated SSL certification to protect our customers in the years to come.

What is SSL? Simply put, it’s the security feature that protects your delegates’ personal details and communications from internet snoopers. Originally designed to protect online purchasers, its use has expanded to stop the interception of information transmitted from regular computer users to online applications like Meeting Mojo.

How will your delegates know their information is protected? Each Meeting Mojo website with SSL enabled, will have a web address starting with https://. Most web browsers will also display the ‘closed padlock’ icon before the web address.

And finally, how can you get this extra layer of security? Just ask – we’re offering this feature at no extra cost in its first year…

P.S. that’s October 2015 – September 2016.