Any color you like…as long as it’s black

Here at Meeting Mojo, we understand the importance our customers attach to website branding, and we’ve been trying different ways of matching the appearance of our online meeting schedulers to your conference styles. In an ideal world, the system would simply merge into any conference website… an ideal world of unlimited time, money and software coding where internet security isn’t needed! Instead, we’ve just come up with a real-world solution that is already making a big difference without breaking any budgets.  It’s called a ‘custom style sheet’, which enables you to override elements of our website styling with your own. Check out the examples below. If you have an in-house coding team, they will be able to create a style to match your conference livery. We’re also starting to build up style sheet templates for simpler theme changes, such as the menu bar coloring, font types and font colors. Or, we can create a style for you as a service option.